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The CNC makes panels like this look easy, The only way to make a pyramid panel before was with hand planes or complicated jigs.  The tool path on the CNC allows small cutters to travel up and down while moving left and right to form complex shapes.

CNC Services

Our flat-bed CNC can process materials that are a maximum of 49" wide x 145" long x 5 1/2" tall.  We can process wood sheet goods, plastics, foams, and some light aluminum metals.

We can provide V-carved signage and 3D carved designs using the revolutionary Aspire programming. (Catalog of patterns coming soon)

Below are some pictures of the CNC  in production and some of the custom products we can make with this fantastic piece of machinery.

Let us help you with your prototype or custom project today!


Processing edges of solid wood panels. This is a panel for a raised panel door.

Processing the long edge of a wood part.  This process will cut the grooves necessary to hold louvers in a louvered shutter.

Custom jigs are made to hold small parts for processing.  This is a jig to hold a blank for hollowing the center of the material.  This part will eventually be a turkey call.

Maple River Woodworks

Parts do not have to cover the entire machine.  Here is a panel being processed in the upper left cover.  The rest of the bed has been covered in a sheet of platstic. Why?  The machine uses a vacuum pump to hold down the parts to be processed. The plastic covers the unused portion of the bed to concentrate the vacuum to the part being processed. 

A sample of V-Carve programming.  The letters are cut into the subsrate with a V point tool and then painted for a traditional look.